Kaze Yarn Tail: Progress Shots (To Be Added Onto Until Completed)

At the end of June, I decided to make a realistic-looking canine tail based on a tutorial I found on YouTube. The purpose of this tail was to replace another one that I made last year that was a shag rug sewed together in the shape of a tail and stuffed with Poly-Fill. (I also made a set of ears too out of the same rug, and put them on a headband.)

Because the tail is so heavy, the yarn tail seemed perfect because it’s more realistic looking and light weight, which truly inspired me to do this.
The base of the yarn tail is made from 60, 2.5 ft long individual pieces of black  yarn braided together and tied to a ring. The tail, when finished, will probably be composed of hundreds of pieces of yarn balls, as described in the video.
(Please note that all images are taken with my iPod Touch and posted to Twitter as I go along for cataloging purposes. The quality suffers because of that, however.)

June 23:

June 25

June 26

June 30

July 1