Academic Rewrite: “The Hunt” Comic

For my script writing class, I chose to rewrite a story called “The Hunt” that I wrote back in 2008. I will be rewriting the first two chapters and producing a comic based off of my script. If it works, I might just continue it, but I’m not sure at the moment.

All the chapters written in 2008 are available to read online via DeviantART:

  1. Chapter 1: Stalked
  2. Chapter 2: Pounced
  3. Chapter 3: Pinned
  4. Chapter 4: Rolled
  5. Chapter 5: Regrouped
  6. Chapter 6: Strategized

Below are some re-done character model sketches for Sachi (now named “Lyle Flynn”) and Yume (now named “Erin Whelan”). (It’s pretty amazing to see how much I have improved since 2008.)

Sachi_full body(2)


Yume_full body(2)


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