Experimental Commissions

You might have seen on my price sheet or somewhere related to my commissions that I take 25% any commission’s total price for experimental pieces. However, what does that mean? Really, it means exactly what it says: These are commissions that I experiment on because I am unfamiliar with the techniques needed to complete the piece with my already expected quality of work.

Commissions that contain the following things may qualify for this discount. Contact me for more details:

  • Battle armor
  • Action scenes (aka characters fighting in cool poses)
  • Guns
  • City-scape backgrounds
  • Any kind of vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, etc.)
  • Robots
  • “Fatty” or “overly muscular” body types
  • Mechanical prosthetic(s)
  • Commissioning an animal species that I have NOT created artwork with before. (Contact me for more information about this.)

Anything else that is questionable, just feel free to ask!