Technical Issues

Apologies for being so quiet here, but I’ve been really busy dealing with work and some technical issues with my laptop. At first I thought the hard drive and graphics card in my laptop were going, but I’ve come to find upon doing some more research that it could very well be the power supply that is causing the issues with the hard drive slowing down steadily and the graphics card not getting enough power to render properly. So, to prevent any issues with stopping commission work to fix technical issues, I’ve decided to stay closed a little bit longer while I wait for the parts to come in and for me to build my own desktop tower. I’ve never done this before, but I have a lot of help and some experience with the software installation, so I think I should be ok.

The parts should be coming in on the following dates:

July 1: Monitor
July 2: Motherboard, HDD, Powersupply, CD/DVD Drive, RAM, Wirelesscard
July 3: Computer Case, GPU
July 7: Keyboard, CPU

After I get all the parts, I just have to put them together, install the OS, make sure all the drivers are in working order, install all the programs I need, and migrate data. So, in theory, it looks like I will have a new, functioning computer by the third week of July. Because of that as well, I will be delaying opening for commissions for a little bit longer so I can make sure I have a decent functioning computer, and to prevent any data mess ups when migrating everything to the new machine. Stay tuned for more announcements!


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