Digital Art Commissions are OPEN: July – August 2014

Kaze Katakage Price Sheet_2014Now that I have a brand new, awesome working computer, it’s time to open for digital art commissions once again! I will only be opening a limited amount of slots based on the work load I can take on for the month, so please, if you are interested, let me know as soon as possible!


  1. Read my Terms of Service, and browse my price sheet and examples.
  2. Fill out a commission form or contact me via e-mail. (I also accept Facebook messages as well.)
  3. I will contact you back within 1 to 3 days letting you know that I have received your commission form or message, and we will talk prices and time frame of completion.
  4. Once price is agreed, I will send you an invoice via PayPal and place you on my art queue.
  5. Once the piece is paid, it will be locked on my queue, and I will get to it as soon as any other commissions before it are completed. (If you are the first person on the queue, I will get started almost immediately!) Regular updates are always given, regardless if I am working on your piece or not at the time. You will NEVER be forgotten!

Well, I hope that covers everything. I look forward to working with you all soon! 🙂

(NOTE: Shrinky-Dink commissions are closed for the time being as I have to work out a few bugs with them. I hope to offer them again soon.)


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