Webcomic Deal and Possible Commission Openings

Hello everyone! 🙂

Sorry to keep you guys waiting about this announcement! Starting last month, I got booked for a long standing web comic deal. I can’t tell you guys much about it yet until I’m able to release the pages, but I have been booked for 5 comics. So far the work has been relatively steady, and something I can easily work on in between shifts at my two jobs. However, the script writer, who also has a very strenuous day job, is sometimes not able to complete a script in time for me to be able to work constantly. (Which is understandable, as I also have a couple of really stressful day jobs and I know how hard it can be to complete something like that in a time window.) So, I have been thinking that maybe I might be able to take on one or two small commissions when this slow period happens. Small commissions include:

  • Sketches
  • One Color Sketches
  • Full Color Sketches

I’m still deciding on this, so this isn’t the official opening announcement, but when I am able to open, would you guys be interested? Leave some comments below, and let me know what you think! 🙂


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