Dook in Peace, Ricky-Roo

It is with a very heavy heart that I announce that, as of 3:38PM EST today, Ricky was put to rest. He was very comfortable, and went very peacefully. The vet will be sending me his ashes in about two weeks in a nice pine box, along with the blanket I kept him wrapped in.

He was around 8 years of age. He had been battling adrenal disease for almost 3 of those 8 years, but today he let me know it was time to go. This was the last picture I took of him before he went to the back.


I love you and will miss you, Ricky-Roo. You were my best friend, and touched so many more lives other than my own. You taught people that ferrets are awesome, affectionate animals.

Dook in peace, my old friend. Hopefully one day I’ll see you again.

Ricky “Roo” Pierrot
August 6, 2006 (?) – November 20, 2014



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