News and Life Stuff

Hello everyone! 😀

Sorry about disappearing there for a little bit. I generally update my Facebook page ( with news, but sometimes I forget to post stuff here.

Anyway, streaming every Tuesday didn’t seem to pan out as well as I thought it would, mostly because when I am streaming I’d either get interrupted, or some important life activity would get in the way that would cause me to have to not stream for the day. Hopefully that won’t happen as soon as I move into my new place, which should be by early February. I hope to be back on my feet and working on art again starting in mid-February, after I’m all settled in. I’m super excited for this move, as it will be the first ever place I’ve lived in with my name on the lease, and I’ll be able to get on my feet and explore my life as an adult a little bit more. It’s going to be financially difficult, but I believe it can work out.

Wish me luck, everyone, and see you soon! 🙂


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