12-7-15: Life Update

Hello everyone! šŸ˜€

Long time, no talk.
Considering the amount of stuff that has happened in my life right now, I thought I should update my blog. I finally got hired for my first full-time career job in my field. I am now working for a local multi-store retailer helping them with their online store, and also producing all their graphics design projects, such as advertising banners and posters. So far it’s been super amazing, and I feel so very, very lucky to have acquired this position. It’s been a long time coming for me, as I have been working multiple part-time jobs at the same time since 2011, with me working 60 hours a week at one point. It’s truly wonderful to finally be down to a Monday-Friday, 40 hour work week job to where I can have weekends to myself and be able to work on my very much ignored crafting projects and social life.

However, with all this good stuff, there is also some bad. Because I have been working harsh working hours for so long, my mental health is not well. It’s fairly well known now that I have bipolar II disorder with comorbid anxiety, but I’ve found that, even though I have all this extra time to do things I enjoy, I find myself not wanting to do anything but sleep. Maybe this is because my body is starting to catch up to me and it is realizing that I can finally rest so it’s shutting down, but it’s starting to worry me a bit. It’s really starting to make me question as to whether or not I can truly open up for commissions as of January 2016, or if I need to postpone that a little bit longer so my body and mind can catch up. I guess I will just update you guys as I feel as if I can make a definite decision. (After all, I only had my first full weekend off last weekend, so it’s too early to tell.)

Well, that’s all for me for now, as I need to get to work. Hope to see you guys in 2016! šŸ™‚


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