Commissions NOT Opening in January 2016

Hello everyone! 🙂

I’m sure some of you are upset by the title of this article, but allow me to explain. The reason why I’m not opening for commissions as originally planned is due to various stresses in my life currently, as well as needing to help my new job with inventory in January.

As some of you know, around January or February is when most retail stores have an inventory company come in to take inventory for tax purposes. Well, my company doesn’t hire an outside company to do this. We do it all by hand, meaning that I will be having some long days, and having to travel to various locations around Western New York to do inventory. It’s going to be exhausting, and having to deal with commissions on top of that is just going to stress me out.

Speaking of stressing out, this decision to not open for commissions in January has been plaguing me for a while. I know a lot of my previous clients and some of my fans really want a chance to commission me since I’ve been hiatus now for almost a year, but I don’t think the timing is right just yet. I just got into this new job, which I’m still adjusting to, and I also now have weekends off for the first time in about 6 years. I’ve been trying my best to enjoy my “me” time, and having that taken away to do outside work is not going to be good for my mental health right now.

So, I will say this: There is no definite time at which I plan on opening for commissions, as of right now. I will probably have limited, announced openings (via WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and FA) when I feel as if I can handle that kind of work. I’ve also considered doing Your Character Here (YCH) auctions when I feel up to working on artwork, but we’ll see. Also, sketch streams has been a thought of mine lately as well. Again, we’ll see.

Apologies for this. I just hope everyone understands. If you have any questions, or want to propose a project for the future, please feel free to contact me via my contact page, or message me via Facebook.

Thank you very much, and hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season! 🙂


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