About the Artist


Leslie Pierrot

BA in Media Studies with a certificate in Game Studies, minor in Computer Science from The University at Buffalo.

Artist Statement:
Our childhoods shape who we are, so feelings of childhood nostalgia will eventually happen. My multi-media work focuses on nostalgia by taking a critical look at what the world once was and what it has become by poking fun at pop culture and bringing to light how corrupt today’s media has become. At the same time, I compare this to my own childhood, which seems innocent compared to what some children go through today. The tools I use to show this are digital video and contemporary video editing software.

As well, my illustration and animation work focuses on some of today’s counter cultures in the media such as “Furries”, people who have a connection to animals and like to express that by creating fictional representations of themselves as an animal of their choice. I like to articulate myself in the same manner, using my work for not only self-expression and entertainment purposes, but also to give Furries a voice, saying that being “different” is acceptable. I create my illustration works primarily by using Adobe Photoshop CS4, Paint Tool SAI, and Clip Studio Paint. My animation work is created by using Adobe Flash CS4 and Adobe After Effects CS4. 3D modeling work is created by using Sculptris.

Work Experience:
I have been drawing since I was a young child, but have been a commissioned artist since 2008, with my first commissioned piece being done for one of my teachers in high school. I have created many digital and traditional works, both for personal purposes and as paid freelance work: drawings, detailed paintings, logo designs, character designs, t-shirt designs, etc. My graphics works were featured on podcast websites such as Friday Night Tech and FurCast from 2009-2012, with some of the original elements of my pieces still present in the current design. In Spring 2013, I created logos and banners for UB Con, a gaming convention held in Buffalo, NY.
As of November 2015, I work for Made in America Store as their full-time Webmaster/Graphics Designer.