Art & Characters Usage Policy

Art & Characters Usage Policy

I do NOT allow ANY of my work or characters to be used, altered, or edited without my express permission.

My work may be redistributed, as long as it is not for profit, and that I am credited for the work I have done.
For example, you may post my work on Facebook, as long as I am credited (preferably via linking back to one of my various art sites, such as Furaffinity, Facebook, or my portfolio site), and you are NOT using my work for personal means (role playing, claiming the character(s) featured in the work as your own, claiming the artwork as your own, etc.)

My work is protected under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Anyone who is caught using, altering, or editing my work and/or characters without my permission will be asked to have it taken down. Refusal to do so will result in reports being filed, and possible legal action being taken.

If you would like to read the DMCA in full, you may do so here:

Usage of Commissioned/Traded/Gifted Pieces

If you are posting a piece on another art website or a social network that you commissioned from me, received from me as part of a trade, or were given to, by me, as a gift, you may post it without my permission. All that I ask is that you post the watermarked version of the piece, give me credit for the work I have done, and link back to one of my art pages or the original post by me.
For example:
art (c) Leslie “Kaze Breeze Katakage” Pierrot
Please check out her work here!: