“The Hunt” Sneak Peek

Page 4 of "The Hunt", a comic written and illustrated by Leslie Pierrot.PLEASE DON'T USE OR DISTRIBUTE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.

Page 4 of “The Hunt”, a comic written and illustrated by Leslie Pierrot.

Sneak peek of what I have been working on for The Hunt for my script writing class. My instructor told me to start when the action began to keep my presentation interesting, but I hope to, after school and my other projects are done, to go back and start at the beginning. I’ll post more as I get pages done. 🙂

(P.S. The comic will be exclusively in black and white so I can mass produce the pages more quickly.)


Origins: Part 1

NOTE: It is preferred to view the animation in its original .swf format. Please visit the links below to view the animation in its intended format.

“Origins: Part 1” .SWF format links:

This Flash animation was done for my final project for a 2-D Flash Animation class I took at the University at Buffalo in the summer of 2012. This animation covers the first 3 pages of a comic called “Origins” that I wrote and illustrated when I was a sophomore in high school. The animation was created as a practice in conveying my interest in furry culture by telling a story about a character that I created when I was younger. It’s purely for entertainment purposes to get the audience interested in the characters, and possibly lead the audience to find out more about them and the culture the characters are represented in.

The story tells of Kaze (the main heroine of the story), finding a strange male red fox in the woods she guards. When Kaze can’t determine if the invading creature is a friend or foe, she charges at the life form, intending on killing it. However, when she gets close enough to see the invader, she somehow feels as if she has met this fox before, but can’t remember why. The rest of the story revolves around Kaze and the strange male fox figuring out how they are connected to each other by exploring their pasts together.

The animation was completed over a span of 5 days. The total length of the animation is 745 frames, equaling to about 47 seconds. Part 2 was to be created by the end of the summer, but due to time constraints, I was unable to do so.

characters, art, story, animation, and voice over work © Leslie “Kaze Breeze Katakage” Pierrot


Young Influence (Animated)

This was a project for Basic Digital Arts to exhibit what we learned in After Effects and Photoshop. The animation pans across a wall of TV screens showing various images – from violent newscasts to sexually charged commercials – and then shows animals engaging in similar activities to emphasize how the media exploits our primal natures. At the end, the viewer is depicted as a pair of eyes watching the screens and absorbing the material.

The static and Emergency Broadcast System Test noises provide a more chaotic and disorienting effect when layered on top of the multiple videos. The piece concludes with the Emergency Broadcast System Test tone to emphasize that there is an emergency going on in the media.


“Jump” is a very short flash animation of a ball bouncing off of a plank and falling into a carnivorous plant’s mouth.

Done in Flash CS4 for a 2-D animation class I took at The University at Buffalo in Summer 2012.

This piece can also be found here in it’s original SWF format:


Furry Intolerance

In 2011, Hamburg School District in Hamburg, NY had an epidemic of violence against “Furries” in the middle and high schools. Furries are people who wear elements of animal costumes as a form of self-expression. Almost every day these kids would get their furry ears and tails ripped off and get beat up. Eventually, these violent acts lead to the district banning any kind of costume all together, even on Halloween.

To address this situation, I created a photo-manipulated illustration depicting two high school students fighting: one “furry” kid, and one “bully”. The illustration was hand drawn and colored by me using using a Google-image search source photograph as the background.

This piece can also be found under the following links: