Terms of Service (ToS)


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Terms of Service and Agreement on Commissioned Artwork

The client agrees:

1. To make payment by PayPal, Venmo, or Google Wallet, in full, up front, before any commission begins. Payments are held in escrow. **
  • My PayPal is https://www.paypal.me/kazekatakage.
    • If this is the first time paying with PayPal, please follow these instructions here. (If you are paying this way, I will only accept payment as Goods & Services.)
    • If you have indicated that you will be paying with PayPal and you have a PayPal account, I will send you an invoice to make the whole process easier for both of us.
  • My Venmo is https://venmo.com/kazekatakage.
    • If this is your first time paying with Venmo, please follow these instructions here.
  • My Google Wallet is lesliepierrot@gmail.com.
    • If this is your first time paying with Google Wallet, please follow the instructions here.
2. To fill out the commissioning form, or contact me via e-mail before I start or accept your commission. Once the commission has been accepted, it will appear on my art queue.
3. That when posting the completed work online, the watermarked version provided will be the only version used. The unwatermarked version received will be for personal use only. (ex. wallpaper, art prints for personal use, etc.)
4. To NEVER sell the artist’s work without the artist’s express permission.

5. Provide the necessary information, and references, including but not limited to:

  • Picture or pictures of the character (colored and full body shots preferably).
  • Detailed description of the character, including clothing, colors, personality, special features, etc. (Especially important if you don’t have prior artwork)
  • A description of what you would like for me to do. (Ex. poses, facial expressions, the feel of the overall piece, etc.)

6. That the artist always reserves the right to decline any commission. This includes the understanding of and agreement to the artist’s abilities and limits:
Acceptable to ask the artist to draw:

  • animals (anthro or feral)
  • humans
  • fantasy characters (elves, minotaurs, etc.)
  • artistic nudes (anthro, human, or fantasy)
  • various orientations of characters (straight, gay, lesbian, bi, etc)
  • erotica (subject/content requires prior approval.) [CLIENT MUST BE OF LEGAL AGE (18+ YEARS).]
  • Another person’s character, if it is intended as a gift to that person, or you have forwarded an email from them saying it is acceptable.

Unacceptable to ask this artist to draw:

  • Copyrighted characters that do not belong to the client (unless the client provides a copy of signed, written permission from the owner of the character).
  • Any kind of animal abuse.
  • Bestiality
  • Extreme gore (killing, maiming, mutilating, etc) & “Vore”
  • Rape
  • Incest
  • “Watersports” or “Scat”
  • Children/ Underage characters/ “Baby Furs”/ “Diaper furs”
  • “Inflation”, “Macro” or “Micro”, including trampling or crushing.

RULE OF THUMB: If it is illegal in real life, I will NOT draw it! If there is anything that you are questionable about, just ask via e-mail beforehand.

I, the artist, agree that:

  1.  I will not spend any funds provided for an accepted commission until the commission is completed.
  2. Every commission will get my best service possible. I always check and double check with the client to make sure that I am doing everything right at every step.
  3. I will ask or e-mail the client to get approval for sketches, ink, and flat color before moving on to the next step in the finished product. If revisions are required after the piece is completed, I reserve the right to decline if I made absolutely sure that everything was approved before moving on. (Small revisions, such as mistaken eye color or a different background color, are fine and acceptable.)
  4. When the commissioned piece is completed, I will send the client(s) an un-watermarked version and a watermarked version of the piece.***
  5. I will complete the work in a timely manner. *
  6. Refund requests are acceptable. However, if I have already started work, only a partial refund will be issued. If no work has been started, or I know I will be unable to work on a piece within a reasonable time frame (6 months), I will give the client a full refund. *

* WORK TIME FRAME DISCLAIMER : Please try to be understanding of my time constraints. I, like most people, work a day job as well. If I open commission slots, it’s because I have a very limited time window to work in. When that time runs out, I have to work when I can. If you have a hard deadline I need to meet, please let me know ahead of time so I can try my best to complete the piece on time. Quality is important to me, and I want us both to be satisfied. However, I typically can’t make any hard promises on time, but what I can promise is that I will give you regular updates on the progress of your commission and keep in contact with you if you have any questions or concerns.

** PAYMENT PLANS: I am willing to accept payment plans for those clients who are unable to pay the full price upfront. However, before the next step in the commission is completed, another payment will need to be made, and the commission will need to be paid in full before the finished work is distributed. All payments are still held in escrow. All payment plans are discussed on an individual basis.

***DATA STORAGE AND RETENTION DISCLAIMER: I am usually good about keeping multiple copies and backups of my completed work, but the commissioner/client should NOT expect me, the artist, to keep backups and copies of the completed work at all times. The client should take full responsibility for all work copies, and should make backups/prints of their work to prevent data loss. Once the work leaves my hands and transfers to the client, I can no longer take responsibility for having a copy of the work if a client were to lose their original copies. (This amendment comes after I had a major, sudden hard drive crash in late August 2015, and lost work from mid-March 2015 to August 2015. I do apologize greatly for this, but situations like these sometimes happen when working with digital works.)

[End of Terms of Service and Agreement]

Special Commission Types

  • Logos/T-shirt Designs/Banners – Price is determined by the amount of work and complexity of the design. Contact me for a quote.
  • Comics – Price is determined by the amount of work, the amount of detail, the complexity of the story and layout design, the number of pages desired, and whether or not I have to write out a script. Contact me for a quote.
  • Animations – Price is determined by the amount of work, the amount of detail, the complexity of the story and layout design, the number of frames desired, and whether or not I have to write out a script. Contact me for a quote.


Only ONE discount per commission. Highest discount will be chosen if more than one discount can be applied.