9-2-15: Of Hard Drive Crashes and Updated TOS

Hello everyone! ūüėÄ

Well, I wish I was coming to you all with good news, but, alas, it is only bittersweet. Last week, I had a major, sudden hard drive crash. This stunned me, as I usually took every precaution to prevent something like this from happening, but Sudden Hard Drive Death can strike at any time, so I guess I just got¬†“lucky”. Since then, I have ordered and installed two drives: one solid-state drive, and one mechanical/solid state hybrid drive. Both of which are up and running (for the most part), but, unfortunately again for me, as I was migrating data from my back up drive last night, I discovered that I had not backed up any data since mid-March 2015, around when I started my current job. This frustrated me horribly, as I am usually very obsessive about my data back ups, but considering I have been so busy since I acquired my new job, I must have gotten¬†forgetful about my data back ups. Because of this data loss, I have amended my Terms of Service agreement for my commission work (https://kazekatakage.wordpress.com/commission-information/)¬†to reflect a disclaimer about my data storage and retention:

***DATA STORAGE AND RETENTION DISCLAIMER: I am usually good about keeping multiple copies and back ups of my completed work, but the commissioner/client should NOT expect me, the aritst, to keep back ups and copies of the completed work at all times. The commissioner/client should take full responsibility for all work copies, and should make back ups/prints of their work to prevent data loss. Once the work leaves my hands and transfers to the commissioner/client, I can no longer take responsibility for having a copy of the work if a commissioner/client were to lose their original copies. (This amendment comes after I had a major, sudden hard drive crash in late August 2015, and lost work from mid-March 2015 to August 2015. I do apologize greatly for this, but situations like these happen sometimes when working with digital works.)

This isn’t to say that if you were to contact me that I wouldn’t have your work still saved, but it shouldn’t be expected that I, an artist and not a data storage server, should be expected to keep your work at all times. After all, data loss does happen when dealing with digital work, and I should not¬†be dinged for not having the work that I completed months prior.

That being said, I am still incredibly frustrated with myself and my machine as I keep finding more things to upset me about this whole process. But, as they say, you gotta keep moving forward to make progress.